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Facilities & Equipment Hire

Big Shed photographic hire studio aims to make sure your shoots run as efficiently as possible whilst also being an enjoyable experience.

We have a great location, large free car park (enough for cars, generators and catering vehicles all at once), large drive in access door, 2 studios with infinity coves – a unique overhead shot facility and lots more.

There are fully fitted kitchens for food shots or catering, a “green” room for meetings (or just to chill). And of course we have WiFi internet access as well as Macs should you need them.

Big Shed can arrange most things for you, from models, stylist and make-up to props, set building and accommodation – all you have to do is ask. Big Shed holds extensive lighting, photographic and general equipment detailed below, all available for hire, please call for rates.

We can also arrange outside hiring of your required equipment list.

Studio Flash & Tungsten

2x Grafit A4 packs
1x Opus A4 pack
2x Grafit A2 packs
1x Flashman pack
3 head Impact Kit reflectors, grids, soft boxes
2 head Mobil & Batt pack Reflectors & grid sets,
Beauty dish, grid & sock
2 x Flooter ( flood & spot Fresnel head)
1x Pulso Spot with long & wide lenses + Gobos
6 ft Octabox 140 x 80 soft box
2 x 5ft x1ft soft strips

60 x 60 ‘flat’ Bowens Expression Light Bowens Ring Light

6 x 5000k Magnaflash and City packs
2 x 1000 k packs
8 x 5ft Strip Lights
1 x 7 ft Strip light
3 Super Fish Friers
3 Swimming pool Lights
5 CL Flash Heads (5000 Joules)
1 CL Head (2000 Joules)
1 x Ring Light Box Lights for CL heads
Various Reflectors for CL heads
5 ft White/Silver brolly for CL head
Stand and boom with soft box for CL head
Various other stands and booms

2 x 5k fresnel spots – with dimmers
2 x 2k fresnel spots – with dimmers
6 x 2.5k + 2.5k (total 5k) Berkey Colortran fresnel spots
1 x 2.5k Berkey bounce soft light (Twister dual source)
1 Kinoflo Diva light kit. (daylight and tungsten)
8 x 6ft, 2 x 5ft, 1 x 3ft cool white Encapsulite neon tubes
4 x 2k blondes
3 x 1k ‘pup’ fresnel spots
3 x 800 watt redheads
1 x 5k Punch / mini brut light (6 x 800watt)
2 x Arri 650 fresnel
3 x Arri 300 fresnel
3 x Arri 150 fresnel
2 x 500watt Mizars
9 grid hung cyc lights (each aprox 2.5k)

BOX 1:  63 amp in, to 6 x 32 amp and 9 x 16 amp out
BOX 2 : 63 amp in, to 3 x 32 amp and 9 x 16 amp out
16 Powered grid hung pantographs (30kg load) with 16amp outlets
Various  32 and 16 amp cables, jumper cables

Medium & Large Format Digital

Phase one P65+ 60 megapixel digital back
503 CW body
40mm Distagon
50mm Distagon
80mm Planar
120mm Macro planar
150mm Sonnar
Adaptor for Sinar 5×4 Camera

Sinar View camera 10×8 and 5×4
65mm and 90mm Angulons

Miscellaneous Equipment

Foba heavy duty camera stand
Various stands and supports
Floating ceiling 
Chroma green or black drapes for infinity cove (100ft in ‘C’ shape)
Skate dolly, Large dolly with 50’ steel track,
‘The Cage’ overhead shot gantry
Car revolve & product tuntables 
700mm / 200kg Person revolve
2 chroma green treadmils, 2 wind machines
Smoke machines, 12ft trampoline
Full-size goal post & net
16ft wide goal set & net
Mirror ball
Autocue prompter
Various small product ‘light tents’ and cones
Numerous backgounds/ materials/Coloramas
12ft Diameter round trampoline
Various stands, 3 double wind ups, Scaffold tubes, Auto poles
8x C stands, arms, poly holders, poly forks.
Poly floor stands, lots of polys
2x 4×4, 2 x 3×3 trace frames (for c stands),
6×4 trace frames
8×4 trace frames
8×4 opal persex in frame.
Fork lift truck – 22 ft mast height
2 pallet trucks
4 car-wheel skates.

General Rental Equipment
Assorted Props For Hire


List of local and location caterers we have used at Big Shed


A comprehensive list of reliable set builders used on projects at the studio


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Stylists to cover all needs. Be it sets, props or fashion styling

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