Big Shed

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Main Studio

Still, film and video creators love the space, access and facilities of the main studio here at Big Shed.
See images of the Main Studio being used to it’s full potential for a variety of shoots below.

Camera/shooting positions for the Main Studio include “The Cage” – a unique feature of the Big Shed – plus the ability to shoot from several positions on the Mezzanine Studio down into the Main Studio.

Links to downloadable PDF’s are available on the home page giving comprehensive information on studio dimensions, shooting guides and lighting tracks.

How big is it?

10.98m wide x 7.31m deep x 4.87m high (36ft x 24ft x 16ft)

Can I get a big coach or truck into the studio?

Yes, you can, check out the gallery to actually see coaches, trucks and other amazingly big things being shot in the studio here.

How big is the access door to the studio?

The roller shutter door to the main studio is 4m high x 3.46m wide (13ft 1in x 11ft 4in) – in other words, a very big truck tractor unit will fit through easily!

Gallery of projects shot in the main studio

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