Big Shed

Hire Rates

What constitutes a “day’s” hire?

A working day for hire of either studios at Big Shed is 8.30 am to 6.30 pm (10 hours) Monday to Friday. Before and after these times overtime charges will apply.

All bookings will be charged from first arrival to last departure of your crew members. Any “bringing forward” or overrun of hire period cannot be guaranteed as previous bookings may have been accepted.


If you cancel after a booking has been confirmed, within 48 hours of it’s start date, a cancellation fee of the basic hire rate will apply.

Other Charges

3 Phase electricity charged at 45p per unit.

Please email for current rate card.

Overtime rates

These will apply when the start time is before 8:30 am and after 6:30 pm. (usually from first arrival to last departure of your crew members.)

Cove Painting Costs

Bespoke quote on request.

All charges are subject to VAT.

Hire contracts are subject to our standard conditions of hire.

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